Monday, July 14, 2008

bad form...

as some of you know, 88 left us for a minute to get settled into his other job as a chef. the plan was to leave for a month or so till he figured out a set schedule with the restaurant. im my mind it was no big deal. take care of your business and when you're ready to come back the door is open. 88 is a very good messenger...very fast and never had a problem with him. sure, from time to time he would get into some accidents but it comes with the profession and the man never bitched about it...or at least not to me(ha!).

well, i was wrong...when i approached the heads that run the situation i was told that we would have to terminate 88 but in his file they would write...terminate with intent to rehire. cool...right? well, double 8 comes back to work today and i head to the people that deal with the hiring. they look at me like im crazy..., whats up? remember 6688? well, he's back from figuring things out with his restaurant gig and wants to come back with a new schedule.

big-wigs...well, is there room for him?, yeah. either way, we terminated him with the intent to rehire. everyone knew the situation.

...apparently not everyone knew the situation. they told him to leave from what i understand. wtf?!! now what? now i look like a f*cking moron and a super, super jerk. granted, im always a jerk but not this time. 88 did not deserve to be treated like this. in my opinion it's very, very bad makes everyone at the company look bad. it makes us seem like we're not people of our word. it made me feel like crap. i brought it up again to one of my managers(i have a sh*t ton of managers)...he looked at me like i didn't know anything. he just shrugged his shoulders and moved on. i really hope they called him and told him to come's foul and has left a sour taste.

in any case...88 if you read this blog im sorry kid. i swear i fought with them all day about this. it isn't fair to you at all and im really pissed about the situation. unfortunately i don't have control over the overall hiring process which sort of blows. im sorry kid, i wish you luck and hopefully i'll see you out there...if you pick up another chef gig hit me up. i would love to come through and check your skills.

in case he doesn't read this and some of you cats know who 6688 is...tell him sorry for me. tell him good luck for me. tell him...well...peace.


Anonymous said...

come on.... surely you know of all people the higher ups don't give a sh*t about bike messengers - we r just a # 2 make them $. said...

i know, i know...i, well, just thought it would be different this time for some reason. the struggle continues.