Tuesday, July 8, 2008

why obey?

6706...0-6, 0-6.

j.dot...what up, what up?

6706...i was just hit by a car.

j.dot...what? are you ok?

6706...yeah, im fine. need some time to chill for a second. im a little shaken up. it was a cop.

j.dot...wait, what? a cop?

6706...yup. he was in an unmarked car. he hit me and some words were exchanged then he jumped in his car and took off.

...wtf?! seriously, what is wrong with people? why obey laws if the police isn't going to. this is really f*cking ridiculous. according to 6706...the policeman was trying to beat the light and floored it. when he saw 6706 he swerved and was able to just side swipe my messenger. the bike is/was fine and so was 6706...although, any accident can f*ck with you mentally. i don't get it...6706 said that it would be his word against the cops so what's the point? you got to be kidding me...i sat there with my face in my hands for quite some time after.

even if it wasn't the cops fault he just hit someone...a f*cking pedestrian, cyclist, human. it's a damn accident that could have gone waaaaay worse. the cop should have filled out a report...the fact that he didn't leads me to believe he knew he f*cked up. obviously my messenger didn't get the plates or anything so i couldn't even try to convince him to make a report. im glad he was fine and just needed a minute to recover. he jumped back on his bike a few minutes later and was rocking out packages like nothing happened. he's definitely one of our best guys and did not deserve something like this to happen to him(not that anyone deserves to get hit).

i would have never imagined to have a hit-n-run by those who are supposed to protect us...


Anonymous said...

It used to be that a yellow light meant "stop" and do not proceed into the intersection.

That messenger should check if the law is still on the books.

Simon said...

That's crazy...

j.dot said...

no shit! ride safe people...the only people looking out for cyclists are cyclists(sometimes)...peace.