Tuesday, July 1, 2008

what? why?

so it's been pretty dead at work. not much going around for bikers. actually, it hasn't been terribly bad cause messengers haven't been doing the usual bitch*ng but at base it feels slow as all get out. well...there have been a couple of times that our managers have given us the option to dip out early. again, this isn't huge deal cause me and/or the other bike dispatcher are very capable to handle the entire board by ourselves. we've been doing this for a while so it's not a big deal.

the managers give the other bike dispatcher the rest of the day off around one or two o'clock...can't really remember. at the time it was super, super dead at work. i was dispatching one at a time. it was a sad situation and i understood given the man time off while i took complete control of the bike board. well, around 1500 or so the work starts getting silly...one company decides to call in 28 orders. i know, i know...whats the big deal? well, it's all the way at harbor point...if you know chicago you know how annoying it could be to get all the way up there. the good news for the cats i did send up there is that they were picking up about five or so...give or take ofcourse. i tried to spread the love on the 28 as much as i could cause of how slow it was. now, the hard part was that while i got hit with 28 i also got hit with 12 or 15 solos back to back to back. solo's are our company's fastest service...half hour deliveries. so, i've lost 5 bikers or so to the 28 and now im left with a few to help cover the solos that are popping up all over the city. way up north, out west, south, and so on.

i've lost some of my crew cause of how slow it was so some left early. God i was pulling my hair out. what? why? i kept asking myself...this didn't make any sense. it's like all the clients found out i was all alone and wanted to test the skills. luckily the crew took care of business. they were patient with me freaking out and enjoyed the small spurt of work that hit us. it's always good when you can end the day on a high note.

on another great note...the weather in chicago has been amazing. not too hot and not too cold. hasn't been rainy but we've had just enough. God i love this city...peace.


Jeff said...

summertime chi. aaaahhhh...

jschab said...

i remember that day. me and ignore and that rich kid were confused up there cause the pagers were being slow.