Thursday, July 17, 2008


lately chicago has been getting hit with some pretty warm weather. Lord knows it's been alot hotter than low 90's but you throw in that famous chicago humidity and it gets hard to bike out there.

well, what does one do? drink as much water as you can...obvious. from what i hear is that in times like these the company used to send out gatorade for the crew. so far no signs of the famous drink but im gonna get on it again tomorrow. i've heard others bring it up to management but maybe short term memory isn't so good so i'll try to remind them again.

sooo, whats left? well, chicago always has people that love to give out free stuff. sure it's promo's and most likely not good for you but it sure helps get through slow days and hot days. so far the big winner has been the m&m ice cream bars. a couple times this week they've been spotted at illinois and lower michigan. go get them while they're hot(or cold or whatever). not trying to plug them more than they need to be but they are keeping the crew happy and cool which is fine by me. also, at michigan and lake i believe the rockstar juiced drinks have been spotted. maybe energy drinks aren't the best for super hot weather days maybe they any case, again, they keep the riders cool and happy which in turn keeps me happy(ha!).

riding all day in the summer can take a toll on the messengers. it can be just as rough as the winter. sure the winters can be miserable but some summer days can be difficult. you get all sweaty and smelly. you get all dirty from riding outdoors. you have a bag on your back filled with packages and tools to fix your bike. you have food and water. you hope it rains for a brief second to at least catch a break but then have to deal with the humidity. so many things that messengers have to deal with so it's no surprise that a simple free ice cream bar can bring so much joy. the minute something free pops up the messenger will call me or scott to page the rest of the crew of the finding so that everyone is able to have a minute of enjoyment.

funny thing is...soon we'll be talking schmack on the cold days. the only thing about that is...nothing is free in the winter...peace.

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jules45 said...

ohhh i was all over those things. do you have any stories about me in this thing?