Thursday, July 10, 2008

go cubs!!

well, any chance i get to talk about my cubbies i'll take. today 6706 picked up from gucci...what he picked up i have no idea. all i know is that he calls me from the drop...

6706...0-6. 0-6. up? what up?

6706...hey, who is this package for over here at ## east *****? open up the order)it's for alfonso soriano. wait...IT'S FOR ALFOSO SORIANO!! oh man, if you see him make sure to tell him julio saravia says hello.

...God i wish would have been there. unfortunately the doorman signed for the package but it's still brings a chill up and down my body knowing we made a delivery to soriano. oh, in case some of you don't know...the CUBS are in 1st place...peace.

all pics taken from cubs site.


Anonymous said...

so how much for that address?

Go Cubs! said...

oh man...i wish i could. actually i probably could say the address but...well, i'll keep the stalking to myself...ha!