Wednesday, July 23, 2008

crowded... we don't work in the best environment. what i mean by that is that the space we work in could use more space, better ventilation, and so on. there are 7 of us that are supposed to literally sit in the crowded area but at times we can have 10 or 12 people in the space. ugh! it gets very, very frustrating and from time to time the frustration shows.

look...barely any room for track!

today the bike board was a bit slow so i figured i would check to see if the car board needed some assistance. no big deal but i should have known that communication was going to be a big factor. the city dispatcher stepped outside to have a the same time 6706 calls me clean. i check both boards and notice that the city board has a solo run that is starting to go red. what do i do? well, i send 6706 for it. i figure no big deal...i help the car board cause they seem to be getting backed up and 6706 gets hooked up with a decent paying car job...everyone is happy, right? nope. some time goes by and i hear..."who's 6706?".

i don't say a word but call 6706 to see where he's at. he's at the pick up i sent him from the car board but apparently the city dispatcher, while outside smoking, called one of his drivers to pick up the same*t! now what?! well..., yo. i sent 6706 to pick that package up a while ago. whats going on? did i. 1221 is there picking it up. what?! man, 6706 is already! i sent him a long time ago while you were smoking and the job was still on the board.

city...what?! i dispatched that order also while i was having a cigarette.! that isn't fair. man, i gave that sh*t out a long time ago and my guy is there. you know, forget it...take it. i don't care. don't ask me for help anymore. im always helping your board out, forget it. just take that sh*t but don't ask me for anymore help.

...see, what happened was that the city board dispatcher before he stepped out for a cigarette took a mental note of the work he had on the board. he dispatched the order without actually pressing buttons or being in front of his screen. no big deal cause Lord knows i've done the same in the past. the problem was that i had no idea it happened and i sent a messenger for it. it actually wasn't that huge of a deal cause it wasn't too far but it was frustrating cause i should have fought to keep the run. it's more tiring for a biker to get to packages than a driver. sure he wastes gas and that's getting expensive but my guy wasted energy for nothing. i was soooooo angry. i blame the crowded space we work in for the sillyness on my part and the city board dispatcher. sometimes with the small space all you want to do is yell and tell everyone to stfu but obviously we work through it. i never apologized for snapping at him but i think he understood the frustration. we joked later on and things are good. sh*t happens.

funny part...a few hours later one of his drivers needs help...

city...hey, you got someone who can pull a package for 6198? man, im always helping him out. isn't he a messenger?

city...come on. he's older. there's no parking around there. he might have to walk two block.! 2 blocks?!!! not two blocks...poor guy.

...i teased him enough but called 6706 to the rescue for 6198. see, 6706 is a very, very good worker. he shows up and just rocks sh*t out. i jerked him over early with that car run and still he helped out another driver with a simple pull. gotta love that.


Damara Kaminecki said...

You are telling me you gave up working at Standard Courier for this!!! said...

haha! i have a feeling sh*t doesn't change no matter what company it is.

Steven Vance said...


Sorta interesting. Can you email me? said...

thanks for the was a good read. i've heard that story ever since i started working. anyway, if you want to talk more don't hesitate to