Monday, July 7, 2008

i could use a brew...

ok...many of us have been there. you know, you're at work and it's been a long day but it's only 11am and you dont get off till 1700 and all you can think of is having a cold brew. well...we had one biker do it. im not blaming him but to drink during work let alone play in traffic in the loop and be tipsy just isn't a good idea.

first off, you make yourself look you want people looking at you tipsy all the time? from delivery to delivery people are going to know...they will smell it and notice it. second, you put yourself and others in danger riding tipsy. i don't think i have to explain how that works. third, you make the company look bad. why would people continue to do business with a company that hires irresponsible messengers? then you take money away from the company when clients decide to go with another service. when clients leave no one gets paid...especially the messengers.

well, apparently this biker was reported by one of our clients. he was dropping off a package close to one of the sites for our company to do a test for drinking and so on. we send him over...

tipsy...say julio. i went into the building but there's no package. what do i do?, no. just go in and say arrow sent you. not really sure whats going on but the manager here wants you to go in and say that. if you have questions call him on radio ####.

...i acted like i was ignorant to what was going on. why? well, honestly, i don't want to be the bad guy. if it was me, even though i would be risking the reputation of my company, i would bring him in and talk to him. give him the day off and if it happened again then i would run a alcohol test. anyway, he declined the test and the company fired him...rightfully so but still sad. he was a good man. a bit looney but a good man and a good rider. not the fastest but i told my managers when we hired him... remember him from my last company, he's good and gets the job done but is a fan of granpa's potion. you think it'll be a problem? i said, he gets the job done.

...i wish him luck and hopefully things will get better for him...peace.

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