Sunday, July 6, 2008


not sure on the details but i know it wasn't a good situation all around. 6689 calls me during his deliveries that he has to go home...

6689...hey julio. up, what up?

6689...i was just assaulted. what?

6689...yeah, some words were exchanged with a driver and when i was stopped he jumped out of his car and shoved me to the ground. he got back in his car and took off. man, that sucks. are you ok?

6689...yeah, im just pissed off right now. i can't believe he took off. i can't ride anymore right now. im gonna drop these last two and go home.

...i completely understand where he's coming from. like i told him and many others before, "i can't have you riding angry out there". he called me when he cleaned up and i asked if he wanted to make a report but he declined. i don't blame him...seriously, you don't have a plate and very little info of what happened what can a report really do? maybe im being ignorant but i understood and wished him a safe a good weekend. eight-nine is a good and careful rider and a good person. this should have never happened to him. he's one of the few that has a level head out there.

the silly in me wishes the driver would have stayed so that 8-9 would have beat the hell out of him. if you're gonna shove someone off their bike then at least have the b*lls to stick around and face consequences. the more adult in me thanks God that 8-9 was not seriously hurt and that nothing more serious came of the situation. careful out there people...drivers are getting silly...peace.


Anonymous said...

Hey Julio. Yeah, that was a bad day for me. Mentally fucked me up for a few days after, if only because there was no rhyme or reason to it. And I couldn't ride for those reasons but also - my bike took some damage when it hit the ground (chain came off, handlebars bent, crank arm bent) and so did my neck (I landed on it).

If you throw out metric tons of aggression, well yeah, someone's gonna cream you for it eventually, but this was completely unprovoked and thus very hard for me to rationalize in the grander sense of it all. Sometimes it's hard not to think that everyone and their mother wants to kill you out there.

In a way I was relieved when I realized someone stole my god damn bike last week. I needed this time off but I wouldn't have been able to get it otherwise.

A friend lent me another bike, a little heavier unfortunately.

I have no other job prospects so you'll see me on Monday unless the Yellow and Black fires me for something else, like never being in uniform. Really, man, I have reached the point of complete mental paralysis with this shit. said...

no worries kid...this job gets to everyone. imo...start looking for something different cause you don't want to ride pissed off...nothing good can come of that. keep a level head as best you can...good luck kid...peace.