Thursday, May 14, 2009

customer service... messenger is having trouble locating you. he notified the concierge to direct him to the executive offices and he was sent two levels down. whats the problem? im two levels down. i had this exact same order earlier today and you didn't have any trouble. apologize mam. it's harder for some than others. anyway...the order says to go to the concourse level and then to the executive offices. you are clearly not on the concourse level.

customer...what? im right here. where is your messenger?!, he said he's on the gold level which is two levels down where you said to head to.

customer...i never even heard of the gold level!! this is ridiculous.

...this went on for about five more minutes. back and forth we went. i couldn't win with the lady. maybe the concierge switched shifts and the later shift didn't know where she was located. turns out she was located on the bronze level. did you guys read what i just said? she's on the damn BRONZE level...if there's a bronze level how did she not know there was a gold level?!?! if she's on the bronze level how can she be on the concourse level also? she's like freaking night-crawler. in any case...the messenger was finally on his way to right location and she just kept going...

customer...this is ridiculous. my package is going to be late. mam. there was some miscommunication as to where you were located but...

customer...what? you picked up this same order ear... i don't have time to argue. please give the package to my messenger so he can hopefully make your package on time. if you have any further questions i can direct you to our customer service rep.

...she then hung up and made sure she told my messenger..."THIS BETTER GET DELIVERED FAST!" 6774 calls me... know, i know. what a great day to end the day...just keep rocking out. get rid of the other packages you have. just get rid of everything you have in order. not our fault if it's late.

...6774 rocked the package out quickly. i was sort of hoping he would have taken his time but he probably just wanted to get home already. he usually sticks around with me late but this time i told him to just call it a day. it's been slow and stressful and to deal with silly customers...well, sucks!

today i received a phone call...

customer...whats the quickest you can deliver from 20 north michigan to 676 north st.clair., we have a 30 minute service. could charge me whatever you want. can't you make it quicker?

...ofcourse it could get done quicker but our quickest service is 30 minutes. im not going to guarantee some silly time...what if we don't make it? then that falls on me. not only that...i know many in our crew who can make this happen but at what expense? no package is worth doing super silly sh*t. i know cats like to fly and blaze through lights and whatnot but im not going to act like i condone it...especially not to a client. how much trouble would that cause me? mam. our quickest service is 30 minutes. it might get there earlier but that would depend on traffic and elevators. other than that i can't ask my messengers to break the laws.

...she didn't say anything except..."i'll just take it myself in a cab". it sucks cause the last thing i want to do is deny work but im also not going to risk anything or anyone. man...times are tough and these clients are really starting to get to me. im usually really nice but for some, it is what it is...peace.


6774 said...

you forgot mention that there are two buildings across the street from each other that share the same addy she was in the east tower....ugh screw that day

toecutters said...

Man, I used to hate picking up from the Hilton when I worked at Arrow. You never knew where the package was going to be. I swear-to-god, one time I had to take the stairs to some office that was between two floors, kind of like in "Being John Malkovich".