Monday, May 4, 2009

if only...

the weather has taken a turn for...well, for the best...

if only the work would pick up so that it could be like the old days. the days when even when the weather was beginning to get nice the work was still there. when summer was on it's way and the smell of the summertime warrior was still a few weeks away. unfortunately...this isn't the case. work has been slow and everyone and their mama is coming in to apply for a job. im fighting to stay awake and our crew is fighting to pay the rent. they say the economy is slowly bouncing back but it'll be a while before we feel the effects.

why? well...if and when the economy bounces back and we're back to "normal" the courier industry might still feel the effects. companies will realize that cuts here and there could be made. the effects of this economy meltdown will bring companies new eyes in the future. saving money and preparing to not make future mistakes will affect us. couriers won't disappear and the work will still be there but how much is the question.

at least the weather has finally turned? i should end this on a good least there are still good people to help get through these tough times...peace.

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