Sunday, May 24, 2009

less than a week away...

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may 28th messengers will try to destroy the events berlin has put together at this years ecmc. check out the great race course...

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it's an old airport that is no longer in use...

At the end of October 2008, after years of public debate and ultimately a fairly unanimous public vote, Tempelhof airport closed its doors to air traffic forever, with no solid plans for its mid- to long-term future. Bad news for people who travel a lot by private jet, or have a job which necessitates getting to Brussels from Kreuzberg in under an hour three times a day. As for the rest of us, its closure presents the opportunity to utilize its copious system of access roadstoward the purpose of creating what could possibly be the most exciting racecourse ever seen at an international event. Steep climbs/descents, hairpin turns, TUNNELS, distance and more await those hungry for high speeds in an all-asphalt and concrete racing environment.

they have alot in store to try and break messengers from all over the world...disciplines...

main race
team race
cargo race
uphill sprints
fixed gear events
-best trick
-skid comp
-backward circles
-foot down
bike polo
slow race
mechanical bull

...whew! that's a sh*t ton of events. i believe they have close to 700 participants already registered. that in itself is an amazing job. i can't wait to check out all the footage and pictures of the event. i'll end this post in their words...

The bottom line is we will be throwing a once-off, staggering, spine-tingling, nerve-jangling, goose-pimpling ECMC slap bang in the middle of the German capital.

And you would be very unlucky to have missed it.

i already feel unlucky...peace.


Anonymous said...

Your blog has to be one of my constant favorites on the interweb. Great story telling, great perspective and just @#$@# fun. said...

thanks for the good words. it's much appreciated...peace.