Sunday, May 10, 2009

moving on...

we lost 6664 this week. moving on to bigger and better things. something about being some mad scientist or something. i wish him all the best. he left once and had to come back...this time, i hope he doesn't. not cause of his skills cause the man was a horse who showed up no matter what the weather was like and was the first to check in and if i had to...was the last to check out. i just hope this new stage in his life works out and he's able to do what he's been wanting to do.

on a similar note, im on the way home when i get a call from 6706...he's moving on to bigger and better things also. he's going to be some big photographer for some skateboard company of sorts. sorry kid...i know you told me the company but the radio cut out right at that point...ha! check out the man's skills.

good luck to the both of you. good luck to any and all that come in and out of the doors of messengering...peace.

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