Friday, May 22, 2009

welcome to guatemala...

the video is in spanish but has english subtitles. if you don't want to listen to the video just know that this man was a lawyer that created this video with the instructions to please air it if he was to die. he claims the president of guatemala himself is responsible for his death...holy sh*t!! i thought sh*t like this only happened in the movies. this just makes me feel angry, sad, and a whole bunch of other emotions. the man had four children that will no longer have a father. at least those children will know that they can be proud of their father for fighting for what he believes is right.

the chicago sun-times has a piece on it here...also, this might be boring to you cats but this is the protests that followed...

damn near started crying at about 5:30 when the guatemalan national athem plays.

why post this on a bike messenger blog? well...can't wait for the worlds next year in guatemala...peace.

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