Wednesday, May 20, 2009

rain and pain... would not stop raining on friday. it started early and would go on and off and then, don't remember what time it was, it just didn't stop. the crew just kept hustling along. as you cats know...i work the later shift. not by much but enough that it isn't easy telling messengers to stick around one extra hour with me after they've been getting p*ssed on the entire day. i managed to hold onto a couple of them but let go of all but the usual two at about 1730 or so. thank you to all who came out to play in that silliness. it was warm but the rain just made it miserable.

it's friday, which means it's also payday. that sort of makes the rainy day go away. well...not really cause of how slow it's been but at least you get some loot to try and drink your sorrows away. in any case, i bring in 6758... happened to you?!

6758...i just took a spill. my hand is bleeding. wasn't much blood and he was fine. im sure he wasn't planning on ending the day like that. i say goodnight and he rolls out. turns out he forgot his keys...not sure where he was but i call him in case he wants to come back. later on i bring in 6774...! you too?!

6774...i just hit a nasty pothole. didn't see it cause of the rain.

...the man's side was hurting and, you guessed it, his hand was also bleeding. got some gauze and peroxide along with some band-aids. his accident was a bit harder than five-eight's. 7-4 was visibly hurt but ok. just needed to rest a bit. then 6758 walks back into the office to pick up his keys... gotta be kidding me. wtf happened?!

6758...i just hit a pot hole and went down again.

...what the h*ll was going on is beyond me. it just wasn't his or both of their days. this time around 6758's hand was bleeding alot more. got more band-aids and gave him the peroxide. i asked about the bikes and walked outside to check them out. 6758's wheel was completely jacked. there is no way he could ride out on it. 6774 twisted his bars a bit but it wasn't that big of a deal.

sometimes i don't know how cats stick around. even on payday, when the weekend is supposed to start, the day is miserable. you get rained on all day, get a not so nice check, and then cap it off with accidents. i gotta give it up to my/our crew...we got some soldiers...peace.

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