Saturday, October 10, 2009


messenger appreciation day came and went. how was yours? i woke up and got ready for a phone call...

sister...what are you doing? to leave for my ma's, a pinchazo, and then work...why? car is stalled on california and grand.

f*ck! whats a pinchazo? it's where you take your flat tire on your car to get repaired. thats right, my car had a flat and was rolling on a donut...damn! sooooo...i have to deal with a flat and help my sister get the car back home till we can figure out whats wrong. called work and told them i was gonna run behind. i don't start till 10 and i got the call around 730am but i knew i was gonna be late...oh wells. on top of all of was raining. not hard but just enough to annoy the h*ll out of you.

i finally got everything done and was headed to work around 1045 or so...p*ssed. as im driving down augusta coming up on western i see jeff perkins. he didn't look happy. i realized then that although my pockets were more empty than when i woke up and that i had a sh*tty morning...i didn't have to ride all day in this weather. our bikers here in chicago had to deal with high 40's and rain...not just rain here and there but rain ALL DAY!

well...i hope a simple thank you from a dispatcher will do...ha! as i tell my crew, especially on nasty days, thank you for the work today.

oh a side note, don't forget about today's downtown shuffle. chicago is trying to do their part to show japan that they are appreciated. i have a sponsored rider out there. you can try and beat her but i have a feeling she won't disappoint...peace.

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