Tuesday, October 13, 2009

that was quick...update...

im really gonna have to start paying nico for being my eyes and ears on the street. thanks for the update...

dude the race was great! margo got 2nd place for the women... 2nd to christina, who got 2nd overall ha!

the top three were:
1. mike urbanis
2. christina peck
3. brian from standard

overall we raised $275 for the tkbma which is pretty amazing. its a direct reflection of the solidarity that naturally comes with working in this industry. everyone was stoked on the benefit, and even people who paid for the race, continued to unload their pockets into the fund. suprisingly we had 30 people racing in the cold saturday evening... and about 16 people dealing with standing still at their checkpoint for an hour and a half. the afterparty was fantastic... you can check out pictures on chris dilt's flickr... pbr was consumed well into the a.m. by messengers, bike geeks, and people who just wanted in on the fun. november's race has no date yet, but i assure you we have the ball rolling and its guaranteed to be a good one... just a little colder!!!

it should be known that all the prizes we gave out to the top 10 racers were donated by denise and q from apex courier, and marcus from yojimbo's garage. the prizes allowed us to keep the cash for the tkbma while still making it worthwhile for those who placed well.

i told margot that if she won i would give her a guatemalan jersey. well...if you ain't first your last...ha! just jazzin'...i'll bring the jersey some time this week. i knew i sponsored the right messenger. thanks for the update nico. keep us updated on the november plans. congratulations to all who participated...peace.

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