Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a few stories...

not much to report lately. actually...it's been pretty mellow and rainy around here. i feel bad for these cats cause it's been raining alot and not that busy. oh wells...it's the name of the game i guess. anyway...i figured i would share a couple customer stories and a messenger story...

i answered the phone the other day to take an order...not a big deal. i go through my regular answering routine but am cut off...

customer...not that one. the other one!

j.dot...umm, hello?

customer...yes, that one! now go and get the...


customer...im not giving you attention right now sir. cant you wait?

...see the lady decided to call in an order but she wasn't quite ready. it happens alot but it's one of the most annoying things we deal with. it's sounds so petty but to have someone yelling in your ear to someone else is pretty frustrating. i can't hang up...can i? i have to sit there a grind my teeth until she comes back...i decide some silent treatment is in order...

customer...alright. i need a pick up............hello? hello?.......hello?

j.dot...can i help you?

customer...sir?! don't do that...thats rude. i told you i wasn't giving you attention i would expect you to give me the same courtesy.

j.dot...well, i was under the impression that i was giving you the same courtesy.

customer...what? sir...i told you...

j.dot...can i help you?

...i had to cut her off before i snapped off. i can't stand people sometimes. giving you the same coutesy? give me a f*cking break!! how about you do me a favor and next time call when you're ready with the order instead of yelling in my ear?!

a different day...wait, it might have been the same day? anyway...a customer requested strict parameters to have something delivered because the delivery dock would be closed from 11am to noon. no big deal...we pick up and get to the delivery with 15 minutes or so to spare. the dock is telling my messenger they're closed...wtf?!

j.dot...excuse me miss. our messenger arrived to the dock but they are closed. we wont be able to deliver it.

customer...thats cause the idiot didn't get there in time. i told that idiot that the dock closes at 11am and he barely picked it up around 1030.

j.dot...well, there's no need to call the messenger an idiot mam. in fact...our messenger arrived with 15 minutes to spare. the dock isn't that far away. the dock decided to close early for some reason...

...the lady didn't even apologize for calling him an idiot. we did our job but sometimes people go on break alot sooner than they say they will. not our fault the dock decided to shut down. i kept trying to see if the lady would apologize but nope...nothing. it p*ssed me off more because the driver is one of our best and nicest guys you will ever meet. i should have called her an idiot? haha! im a jerk.

just last week one of our bikers was riding by triple-3 west wacker. we're kinda busy and i don't have time for our crew to mess around. i need them in and out of buildings...you know, the usual hectic routine. i get a call from 1141...

j.dot...what up? what up?

1141...say, i know we're busy but i found a package thats going to 563 west randolph. must have fallen out of one our fellow comrades. im just gonna shoot it straight there...shouldn't take that long.


...what i really wanted to say was...wtf?!?! we ain't got time for someone else's mistake. a couple minutes go by and i realize that i am truly a jerk. i was glad that 1141 took the time to help out whoever that messenger was that dropped the package. i don't think the messenger who dropped it was from our company but, whoever it was, forty-one understands that the only way to win in this industry is to help each other out every once in a while. im not saying all messengers are as nice as 1141 but on a hectic day it was nice to see. especially when dealing with crazy clients all day it's nice to see that messengers, although they get the bad rap, are truly something special...peace.

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