Friday, October 2, 2009

tokyo needs our help...

Whichever city respectively community has raised the most money for the Tokyo CMWC organizers by Christmas Eve wins a sweet trophy, 2 free registration spots for CMWC2010 and the respect of the worldwide bicycle messenger community.

check all the info here...looks like zurich and basel already have a leg up on us. come on chicago...lets make it happen. lets help our fellow messengers from the far east. i hear there are some things in the works already...possibly and alleycat here and there? i'll keep you cats posted. the tickets to guatemala would be nice but the keyword is "respect"...peace.

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Brian said...

i put a post on chifg trying to see if people would want to do a century alleycat. well not really an alleycat but there would be stops with mental problem to get through. it would be only a metra ride away from the city