Friday, October 23, 2009

you didn't know?

see what i did there? you know...with the title of the post? the question is usually followed up with...i thought you knew...get it? come know you get it...alright, alright, i'll stop...

TyK [Thought You Knew] Project has returned for 2010, this year with two calendars worth of Ladies PinUps and Men’s SuperHeroes, all doing their best for the Chicago Women’s Health Center [CWHC]. The proceeds from the sales of both Calendars go directly to CWHC, the only collectively run women’s health center in the country. CWHC has been a provider of affordable health care and health education to women for over 30 years.

This year, TyK will get a preview at the Sadie Hawkins Style Ride on November 14th, with an after party hosted by Cobra Lounge. Please see the website for more info.

The Gala-Gallery Launch will take place on Friday, November 20th at Mars Gallery, at 1139 W Fulton Market. Koval Liquors will provide a tasting table, and there will be complimentary beer and wine from 5pm-11pm.

Last year, the TyK 2009 Calendar sold two-hundred copies on release night alone, and adorned walls as far-off as Beijing, London, Paris, Tokyo and Vancouver. This year, the website has been revamped, direct ordering and distribution is at the ready and TyK is set to for total domination of cubicle and kitchen walls worldwide!

Photographer Michelle Nolan has returned to capture the allure of Chicago’s sexy lady cyclists, with thirteen PinUps ready to tease you through 2010. None of these ladies are models, just the commuters, racers and joy riders you see out every day on their bikes. We challenge you to spot them on the street, out of their pinup glory.

Not to be left out of the good-works of the world, this year, the Gentlemen of Chicago have stepped up for TyK/B [Thought You Knew BETTER]. Chicago’s cycling Gents reveal their SuperHero identities to Photographer Christopher Dilts. In classic comic book style, their secret identities, as well as street faces, are laid bare for all to see, all year long.

TyK is looking for a few good sponsors while space remains. For press inquiries, or details on sponsorship, please contact:

Alexis Finch

Founder & Producer


c: 773.301.2263

do you seriously want to be the only person to not own this calendar? it's for a good cause...benefits the chicago women's health center. if thats not enough then buy it cause it promises to have great photography from michelle nolan and christopher dilts. thats not enough? well, maybe miss august will convince you...

check out more teasers on facebook. btw...don't forget to check out a preview of the calendar at the 4th annual sadie hawkins style ride on november 14th. this year promises to be just as good as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. great job on this project and all parties involved in making this happen...peace.

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