Wednesday, October 28, 2009

feed the hungry...

i warned them. if you read this then you already know what im talking about. i warned some of the crew about the company hiring more people. i figured maybe they could spread the word and they would all slowly understand what was about to happen. i never quite know if we are or aren't out of the loop, sort of. anyway...if you read this blog often then you know that our crew was getting a bit unreliable at times.

the mornings were backed up cause only 5 riders would check in on time...they would all trickle in and by lunch time we usually had a normal crew. if you work in this industry you know that lunch time equals down-time. then two o'clock hits and it starts warming up. 3 o'clock rolls around and it starts heating up. then, i get the crew at four and they all disappear and im left with about 5 guys again for the next two hours...if that. we did what we could...making phone calls as needed and so on but there are only so many phone calls and p*ssed off clients one can make and take before management has to pull the plug.

we hired 3 new cats in about a month. didn't really effect the crew because we lost a few cats before that. we basically stayed with the same number of people. thats not how messengers see things though...we're slow again. why? i have no idea. we were quite busy there for a while but now, we're back to being slow. is what it is. yesterday i got a call from one of our riders...

3132...why did we hire more people? we were doing fine. we weren't. you cats only have yourselves to blame. i kept telling you cats i needed people to stick with me late in the day but people, including you, would disappear.

3132...oh come on. you got to see it from our not gonna stick around for just 1 or 2 jobs an hour after four. you know i'll stick around if there's work. im here every day. doubt. i know you're hear every day. don't take it personal but when i did have work and i called you all i got was silence. you never responded. i don't want to make it seem like it was only you cause there's about five or six other cats that have a tendency to disappear. it is what it is...we needed help to cover the work and the crew wasn't cutting it.

...see, 3132 would stick around at times. the times he did stick around is when the whole day was slow. see what im getting at? he stuck around cause he didn't make enough on those slow days. on busy days...he would make his loot and then just go home. wtf?! i know this will p*ss off some messengers but come cats need to see beyond today. if we're busy today it doesn't mean we'll be busy tomorrow or the next day. stop making just enough!! don't you want to have more? i don't get it. gotta get the money while it's there. this industry is so up and just never know when the money will come but when it does you need to jump on it.

i know, i's easier said than done. i know cause i used to work out there and some days...well, you just cant go on. sh*t...i let cats go home early all the time...why? cause when we're busy i would expect the same courtesy back. maybe im wrong? i completely understand that sometimes you're tired but when you can't go on everyday then maybe it's time to reconsider a few things? maybe you should hustle on busy days until there is no work that way on slow days you don't have to kill yourself for nothing. maybe...well, i don't know what the answer is but, as the title states, i will feed the hungry.

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cuddlemachine said...

these kids! they're up to 3132 now? God I was at 64er.