Tuesday, October 6, 2009

there's a flyer somewhere...


after party @ nico's
2147 s halsted st apt 1
$7 / free for racers/helpers

the tokyo bike messenger association is up to its ears in debt after throwing the legendary cmwc2009 this past month. let's help them restore their lives to some normalcy by chipping in to help out. proceeds from the race / after party will go to helping out our friends across the pacific. some great companies are pitching in some dope prizes so come out saturday and getcha some.

i can't make it...i got some soon-to-be-baby things to take care of on saturday. the good news...i will still donate my money. does someone need an entry fee? send me an e-mail and it's yours. big ups to any and all that help put this together. keep your eyes here...they will be updating the cities who have donated. our fellow messengers need help and it's nice to see chicago, along with other cities, step up...peace.

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Jeff said...

again, $7 rounds up to $10 pretty easy...