Friday, August 28, 2009

1.5 - 2 months...

i think summer lasted about 2 months around here but that might be a bit optimistic. remember the days when summer wouldn't end? those were nice. i can only imagine what the crew is feeling. raining all week long and the temps dropping by about 15 degrees...not good. this winter will be one for the books...ride safe out there kids.

oh yeah...don't forget...cuttin'crew classic is this weekend and it kicks off on a rainy friday...

Friday Night 8:00 PM - Alley Cat starting at CAL'S: 400 S Wells. Points for participation, primes at every checkpoint, and top three M/F. (Points carry across to Saturday)
After-party at the Clipper: 1002 N California, Come say farewell to Matt and Emily before they move to Vancouver!

Saturday 11 AM-1 PM
Registration at The Blue Frog: 676 N. LaSalle (be on time or you'll miss the start)
1-5 PM Cuttin' Crew Classic including: three manifests, super checkpoints, photo hunt, poker race, cargo race, and Uptop Delivery Presents Trials 2K9.

7 PM-2AM Four Star Courier Presents Messenger Prom at the Cobra Lounge: 235 N. Ashland No pre-sale tickets, show up early and stay late!

Sunday 2-4 Team Time Trial to the Touhy Tower of Terror, meet at Humboldt Park near the lagoon. Three person teams, last wheel across the line sets the time. The route is to 6300 W. Touhy and back. (team photo must be taken before return trip)

Friday $5, Saturday $10 (discount for prom given to racers), Sunday $10 per team

OPEN TO ALL RIDERS-track/road, mess/non-mess, just come out for a damn good time.

h*ll no i ain't racing but most of you already knew that. i will, however, be in attendance for a few of the events. should be fun...btw, my wife and i will be working a checkpoint for tonights race. i promise not to make you do to much but there might be some running involved...dun!dun!dun!...peace.

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Kyle said...

totally a bummer summer. maybe fall will be forever this year. PSYCH