Tuesday, August 11, 2009

no harm, no foul?

news spreads around fast through the courier industry. unfortunately, im stuck behind a desk so i didn't get word of this till late in the day...in any case, a wheel was stolen and the person was caught on tape...

i see a wheel...im gonna go get a wheel...i got a wheel...boom!

the wheel stolen was not from another courier. it was from one of the cats responsible for setting up the bff in chicago this year. im not saying no harm, no foul...all im saying is that the proper info was provided to the person who's wheel was stolen and it's up to him what happens next. messengers in chicago are a strong community with a few rotten apples just like any other community. what messengers want people to take away from this is that couriers will stand up against those who make us/them look bad. we don't want any bad blood and want to feel welcomed at all events in chicago. no need for stigma's or generalizations...sh*t happens. just know...we're family. not all messengers are bad we just have a few uncle's we rather not talk about...peace.

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jess casual said...

I hope your connections at CSI are busy enhancing these pictures.