Tuesday, August 18, 2009

silly lady...

we recently received a call to run as a credit order...you know, not an active account but someone who just needed something done quickly. no big deal...we ran the order and the work got done. after about 20 minutes of the job being done correctly we receive a phone call...

lady...i wanted to talk to you about job XX.

j.dot...sure, it was dropped off and signed by a smith at XX time.

lady...yes, i know it was delivered on time. what i don't understand is why the package had to make it's way through the entire office before the person it was for received it.

j.dot...umm, not sure...give me a second.

...i call up the messenger and was told that the signature he got was from the receptionist. i get back on the phone with the lady...

j.dot...well, not sure what happened. i spoke to the messenger and he did give the package to the receptionist.

lady...why didn't he tell her who the package was for?

j.dot...wait, what? was the name not on the package cause they did receive the package.

lady...no it wasn't but you knew who it was for. why would it make it's way all around the office.

...are you serious? wait, we got the job done right and delivered the package to the right office and she's mad cause it took a while for the receptionist to find who the package was for cause she didn't put the name on the package? is that what the argument was? the person who the package was for got the damn package!! not our fault she doesn't know how to put names on packages...how the h*ll was the receptionist supposed to know who it was for. ofcourse she'll sign for the package cause the name of the company is on it but not the name of the recipient.

lady...this is ridiculous. i demand an explanation. if i would have known that this was going to happen i would have never used you guys.

j.dot...mam, no matter who you use from now on...do yourself a favor and place the name of the recipient on the package...give me a second, i'll transfer you to customer service.

...the lady ends up hanging up. what was i supposed to say and/or do?! she lost her mind. eh...every once in a while it's nice to get crazy people...it's been getting harder and harder to laugh at work...peace.

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