Tuesday, August 11, 2009

it was that kind of day...

first i hear about a wheel being stolen with someone on camera. then i get a text around 1030pm about a friend of a friends pedi-cab got stolen. then i wake up to find out my fellow bike dispatcher, scott, had his front wheel stolen also. damn!! what the h*ll was going on yesterday?! they were out in full force.

in any case, i got some info to share...

Aug 11, 2009

i got a flyer from the pedi-cab incident...

300.oo reward
call: ken 512.584.9233 or matt 720.318.9899
the pedicab wass taken from the alley behind quenchers saloon on the corner of fullerton and westrn between 1115am and 1230pm. monday, august 10th.
no questions will be asked.

there was a witness for the pedicab...supposedly it was a white guy with a beard about 6 foot or so. if you see him...run! cause that dude sounds huge...ha! as far as scott's front wheel...it was just some stock wheel that came with his bike. black on black...deep v rim. stolen at the streetside cafe on armitage and kedzie last night. i doubt we'll get that back so this is just a warning about that area...watch and lock up tight in that area.

now...i don't want this blog to turn into a stolen bikes blog. that being said...i will post for friends every now and then. hopefully this trend will slow down and stop. if it doesn't stop...i really hope it slows up...peace.

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angie said...

Logan Square is getting bad with the thefts. It seems like multiple times a week I hear of neighbors getting shit stolen. I'll keep an eye out.