Sunday, August 2, 2009

i don't think you kids understand...

the results are in...your overall winner...

christina peck of the chicago cuttin'crew simply dominated. she destroyed the field. whether you consider this years naccc's a championship or not you cannot take away from what christina has done. not only that, she killed it on the r1 fun ride presented by squid and friends...

Day 1: 104 Miles

Stephen/Yatika Road 6hr 33min
Chas/Liam Fixed 7hr 23 min
Christina Fixed w/brake 7hr 40 min

Day 2: 74 Miles

Stephen/Chas 3hr 45 min
Christina 4hr 44min

Day 3: 42 Miles

Stephen/Yatika/Chas 2hr 17min
Christina 2hr 42min

TOTAL: 220 Miles

Stephen 12hr 35min Average Speed: 17.8mph

Chas 13hr 25min Average Speed: 16.6mph

Christina 15hr 06min Average Speed: 14.6mph

holy hot sh*t!! this lady is no joke. alot of drama went down before the naccc's even happened but it sounds like boston came through in the end? eh...we'll discuss that at a later date...for now it's all about christina...CONGRATULATIONS!!


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