Tuesday, August 18, 2009

lack of ladies...

listen...i know there aren't many ladies out there anymore. i know there's only a handful. i know that once there is a lady out there the messenger men pounce on her like it's the last meal they will ever have. i've seen it many times. what am i getting at...well, christina, the winner of this years naccc's, is one of the handful of ladies out there. why bring her name up? well...cause cats are starting to get out of hand with trying to woo her...

listen...im all for giving her respect. she did her thing and became the first female to win the naccc's...congratulations. im also all for coming up with tickets to send her to the worlds. she deserves them. i don't think i could get on this wagon of sending her all over the world every year. listen...she's very cute and very fast...i'll give you that much...but so am i. well, im not fast but i do have a blog...ha! you cats do whatever you want but this sh*t, imo, is getting a bit out of hand. much respect to christina for getting the chicago boys to hook her up with flights around the world...peace.


Blackstar said...

Well I may have to disagree slightly with you. True males get all hungry like the wolf at first but soon recognize the skills of the ladies and it stops being male and female but messenger/courier. True winning the NACCC usually gets tix to next years Worlds but if you have and earn the respect of friends and peers and they want you to come along, why not. Especially if they can represent. I'm sure if I could put on a good show I'd be down for help going.

I don't know her well but she has my respect and from what I do know she is one of the nicest and most down to earth people out there.

All we need now is "send Julio and Rene to the Worlds 2010"!


Ira said...

I'm surprised by the negative angle here.

She's the North American Courier Champion, and the first woman to do it. It's quite a distinction.

I'm admittedly not part of the "courier community", but as someone who likes Christina as a person and respects her skill, why not help her advance?

I'd like to think if you or I, as bloggers, won some kind of writing competition our communities would step up and promote the hell out of us.

Just my two cents.

j.dot said...

i apologize if it came out negative. i just re-read it and i guess it can be seen that way. not my intention. i was going for a silly funny angle that didn't translate into type that well.

all that being said...i am well aware that no one is seriously trying to woo her by setting up donations. i was just jazz'n...i know people have good intentions and christina seems like she deserves them.

im sure christina is very nice. i hear she is nice but i have never spoken a word to her. that being said...i have nothing but respect for her. not because she's a female courier, not because she's the first female to win the naccc's, but because she's a courier in chicago. that alone deserves respect. our city isn't one of the nicest to messenger in...weather, sh*tty companies, steel grate bridges, and building policies make it very hard to stay in this business.

after it's all said and done...if you cats want to donate to send her to as many worlds as you want...go right ahead. i will donate to the guatemala one cause both winners of the naccc's should have been given tickets and it's the one they would have received tickets to. oh yeah...and cause im going...ha! christina, if you read this...i hear you are nice, i just don't know if my pockets think you're nice enough to send to more than one worlds...ha!

rene...i like the way you think except i'll gladly accept a donation for just a beer...peace.

Christina said...

since i don't know you and haven't commented on any of the entries where you have mentioned me, i kind of feel like i need to put in my two cents.

one, i didn't ask for or encourage either of these funds. both were began without my knowledge, and while i appreciate them, i was totally surprised by both. i also don't expect anyone to be donating to either, much less both.

the Guatemala fundable only collects on donations if the goal of 1600 is reached-i don't think it will be since there are only a couple weeks left. in which case, there really is only one fund. this is unfortunate since this is really what the prize would've been for since tokyo tickets were given out at NACCCs '09, and i understand that, especially since I would hope for nico to receive airfare as much as myself.
i also know i would not be going to tokyo this year if it were not for all this incredible extra support from some good friends. not to say that i "deserve" to go, or feel like i need to represent chicago, just that i am insanely appreciative that the chance has been given to me.

and really why i felt the need to comment: these kinds of comments are the reasons it is so difficult to be a female in the messenger scene. i really appreciate rene's comment that after some point, it is really about being able to job the same as anyone else, regardless of gender. reducing my friend's support to being about wanting to "get in my pants" is mildly offensive and i hope you see why. i know you commented that you didn't intend for them to come off negatively, but it's already weird to see myself on blogs all over the internet all without any involvement on my part, but particularly in this context.

j.dot said...

you have great people around you and i have nothing but respect for them and, more importantly, you. it was a silly joke that didn't transfer well...in any case, you're right, it's silly jokes like these that DO make it hard to be a female courier. i sincerely apologize.

on another note, i will not take the post down. i know you haven't requested me to...im just saying. why? cause Lord knows i need to learn from my mistakes and leaving the post up will show others that i goof'd up big on this one...peace.