Tuesday, August 4, 2009

who's next?

as some of you may know...this years naccc's went down in boston. it was on an open course as opposed to a closed course. the ifbma was pressured by many to take charge and take a stance...would it be considered a championship?

now...because it is not sanctioned by the ifbma what does that mean? i have no idea. was it really a championship? i have no idea. what i do know is that boston had over 300 registered, no one was arrested, and no one was injured. since it went without a hitch does that mean that we, as a community, can acknowledge it as a championship? eh...it is what it is. what is known is that christina and nico from chicago got 1st and 2nd. well...christina came from the west but after a winter here she becomes chicago all day...ha! good job to nico for coming in 2nd...

check out more pics here...

now...to other matters. apparently the open forum did not have a high attendance. no one really bid for next year and the two year bid'n system is not really in place yet. all that being said...i hear through the grapevine that atlanta wants to take a stab at hosting the naccc's. georgia holds a special spot in my heart and i, personally, hope this does happen...peace.

EDIT: apparently indianapolis and austin are in the mix to host. while i would love for indi to host cause it's close to home and austin cause i know they got some crazy as* messengers...i still hope atlanta gets the final bid...peace.

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Anonymous said...

It was okay, but there wasn't anywhere near 300 with so many cancellations, i think i saw around 50 racers and the parties were maybe a hundred people sometimes. Boston is a strange city the roads downtown must be old because this not much of a grid.