Monday, August 10, 2009

i love this city...

chicago just has some great people. i can't get over how much i love this city. as some of you of the naccc's have been given the prize of attending the worlds in the past. the winners of this year would have received tickets to go to guatemala in 2010. unfortunately, boston could not make that happen. they made the race free which prevented them from raising enough loot to purchase tickets for the winners...christina and nico of chicago. it wasn't written in stone that this should happen but...well, some people believe it should have.

whats the point im getting at? a fundraiser has been set up...

It's a quasi-tradition that the winners of the North American Cycle Courier Championships get tickets to the Cycle Messenger World Championships. In 2009, Boston's NACCCs didn't charge an entry fee, thus having no funds available to furnish tickets. In 2010, the CMWCs will be in Panajachel, Guatemala. We'd like to send the winners of the 2009 NACCCs, Christina and Nico (both from Chicago) to Panajachel, Guatemala via Guatemala City. We're hoping that there are enough people out there impressed enough by their results to chip in.

Currently, tickets are approximately $350-450 roundtrip. The $1600 goal represents tickets, possible fluctuation, baggage fees and probably some bribery money for the local federales.

don't be afraid to donate. christina is the first female to win the naccc's overall and nico is a rookie who came in 1st male, 2nd overall. thats pretty impressive if you ask me. thank you to chris from half-acre for setting this up. it is greatly appreciated. not only from christina and nico but from the messenger community...peace.

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