Thursday, August 6, 2009

forgive my personal moments...

can you see him? look at him acting a fool...upside down and sh*t. the minute the doctor lady put the machine on my wife's stomach i saw him. there he was, moving all over the place..."your baby is really active". he would open and close his mouth...kick the sh*t out of my wife as if to say..."stop taking pics of me". i was left there speechless...his heart beating a million miles per minute..."everything seems fine", the doctor says. i could have sat there all day long watching him. btw...have i mentioned it's a boy!! i never thought i would be one of those people that posts about his personal life but all i want to do is yell at the top of my lungs how much i LOVE MY WIFE and how much i can't wait till i hold "wolf granville saravia". God i hope im half the father my pops was/is but that's a whole other personal moment...peace.

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