Tuesday, April 28, 2009

as you may know...

i sometimes have the pleasure of dispatching drivers. i cover for the city board dispatcher from time to time. i don't do as well as he does but i hold my own...at least i like to think so...ha! who knows what the drivers say behind my back...oh wells. in any case, the minute 6514 checks in he already starts to ask to leave early. he, like others, will always ask that if i don't have coverage he'll stick around. personally, it's just one of those things to ask but in reality he just means..."i want to get the f*ck out of here"...

j.dot...well. things are a bit slow now so i might be able to get you out of here early. for now i got a couple you can rock out and we'll go from there...cool?

6514...umm, no problem. we'll see what happens.

...the day goes by and he calls me clean. the funny part is...everytime he calls clean i have work where he's at. gotta give it to him. i was short staffed...sure, we're slow but with not enough drivers then slow becomes steady to busy from time to time. this is good for the drivers who do show up...more money. five-four doesn't see it that way...

j.dot...alright. i have two going north. you said you live up that way...right?

6514...thats perfect. i live right around the corner from one of those.

...i thought everything was cool. i was getting work done and i would be able to get him out of here early as he requested. i was feeling good about it. then...i got hit with work i couldn't cover but headed in his direction...

j.dot...yo. im going to have to keep you till the shift ends. i got some work headed your way.

6514...you sure you can't cover it?

j.dot...can't. i wish i could. just don't have enough drivers and you're headed that way.

...his pager isn't working so i have to wait for him to get a pen to write down the next few deliveries i have for him. time goes by and all is well. deliveries are being made until...


j.dot...whats up?

6514...you're not going to believe this. i forgot to pick up the stuff going north and im already up here.

...does anyone else see the problem with this? he didn't forget!! there's no way he did...why? cause his pager doesn't work!! he wrote down the damn addresses and was literally two blocks from one of the pick ups going north with him. he pretended he forgot them and headed north with the original two that would cause him to clean up by his house. i should have made him double back for the ones he forgot. instead...i told him to just clean up and get out of here.

6514...ok. sorry about that...10-4?


6514...copy that apology?

j.dot...just go home. i gotta cover some work.

copy that apology?! i had to reroute other drivers to get the work done that was forgotten as well as the work that those drivers were originally on. it was a pain in the as* and some phone calls had to be made to clients. luckily we weren't too late on deliveries and everyone was very nice about it. as far as 6514 goes...well, from what i hear im going to cover for the city board dispatcher next week...he's going on vacation or something. 6514 is officially on the hit list...peace.

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Anonymous said...

ah that sucks. completely unacceptable on 6514s part.