Friday, April 3, 2009


if you cats keep up with this silly blog you know that the IFBMA has some beef with the BMEF. wait...the IFBMA is the international federation of bicycle messenger associations and the BMEF is the bike messenger emergency fund. there...i hope i don't have to spell those in full text again...ha! Lord knows i love me some good ol'fashion beef/drama...once again, thank you to cassandra for putting me up on these lovely letters...say, can i just call you cass-drama? anyway...before you begin to read the following letters don't forget to read the one that sparked it off...

Dear IFBMA Council,

This announcement surprises me. IFBMA may have come to BMEF with this complaint and worked out a solution.

BMEF needs more help and volunteers and not withdraws of endorsements.

As the treasurer I am responsible for making payments after they have been verified. I have also assumed many other duties. BMEF has lost many volunteers.

I am aware there have been miscommunications in the verification process and late payments.

Four disbursements of $300 each were made for FY 2008 totaling $1,200 and none YTD.

Our balance is presently $1,589.74

Jean Vallery just called me to inform me that he setup $25,000 of roller racing equipment, computers, and trainers setup to make sure there are consistent funds coming in without donations. He has fallen ill and could not stay on the phone with me for very long but said that if there’s a city willing to pick up this equipment and donate a percentage of proceeds to BMEF he would assist in this transfer.

BMEF has been around for ten years with its mission to donate 100% of monies received to fallen messengers.

I am interested to know how many verified non payments there are.

I hereby request that the IFMBA council reconsider its decision to not endorse BMEF anymore and I am available as always for any questions.

I additionally request anyone to come forward to fill any number of vacant seats on this fine non profit that was once much more active and will return.


Lucas Brunelle
Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund, Inc.
501 c3 EIN Number 20-0842274
617 262-2626 ext. 212 seems like the ifbma might have jumped the gun? maybe all this could have been avoided with a phone call? next we have jean andre getting gangster on that a*s...

From Jean Andre, chair BMEF

part one:

You can quote me on this as well.
If you want to bring up issues for all messengers to learn and make a diffrence, then volunteer to collect money and send to the BMEF. spread the word in each city that has 100's of new messengers that need to know the truth about the industry. Also explain to them to get help from the BMEF they need to let others know they are hurt and don't have a good snail mail/email address for checks to be sent to. Sanctioned hasn't gotten people to make a diffrence and send in 5$ a month for the past 10 years so being un-sanctioned should bring in ton's of cash and volunteers. I'm not slamming anyone . But I need all three director's of the BMEF to stand up and be heard. Cory,bill justin. Kim the vice president hasn't communicated with me in years. Isn't this about helping other messengers and working to make a diffrence??

Jean Vallery

Part two

I never thought that this would every become a issue that required public blasting of a honest nonprofit that currently has only two people running it. To tell the world that in a span of 10 years to now decide it isn't worth spreading the word for free cash for a injured person. That the BMEF isn't a trustworthy 501 c3 and to remove any links to the website for future assistance.

Let me see I recall a few months ago giving 1000$ cash to the BMEF to keep it afloat. I don't see anyone donating from the corporations. I didn't see any money from the sale of the chrome cards come to the BMEF.

Is this a example of what messengers refered to in the past as not trusting companies that have no clue about messengers and now you decide that I'm a example of that?
Have you even bothered to check around to see how many people that tried to scam money from the BMEF to have a good friday night bash? How many long distance phone calls that it has taken in the past years that are not charged to the operarting expence of the BMEF. The cost to register the 501 c3 corporation yearly, as well as pay for the website itself? It comes out of Jean Andre Vallerys pocket. I looked at it as the cost of doing business for people ( messengers ) I cared about and still do.
Where are all the messengers from the past who were helped and all there responses for this action being taken?

You might as well remove me from the Markus Cook award list as well from the way you publically slammed me. Yes I take it personal, what the hell you think I've been doing all these years, anyway??? Oh don't forget to remove me from the messengers mailing list so the truth can be discussed!!

Jean Vallery

holy sh*t!! i don't know who went wrong where but, again, this probably could have been avoided with a phone call, e-mail, messenger delivery...hahahaha! im a jerk. you cats are all too much. i hope you cats work this out somehow...even if you can't live together doesn't mean you still can't co-exist. in any case...good luck? i thought chicago had's good to see that bringing the messenger community together is an international problem. i'll say this about this reminded me of one of my favorite songs...



AF said...
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Anonymous said...

The BMEF has problems related to having too few dedicated volunteers, all the people "involved" are figureheads that do nothing at all, except for Jean and Lucas.

The IFBMA has a 7-8 person "council" that does nothing at all, ever, but feels like it can condemn the bmef because it makes them feel good about themselves doing nothing at all, ever.

it's like sam said, they don't want to get things done, just a popularity contest. too bad they chased him away, now they chase Jean and lucas away.

I unsubscribed from that list last year after reading it for almost a year. the only emails worth a damn were from squid, sam and a few others that actually work.

such a shame, the bmef could be something, i don't think the ifbma could the way they do it said... hard is it to talk to someone? i ask cause this all could have been avoided by communicating. were their attempts made to communicate with the BMEF and see what could be done to help a positive organization? did the BMEF attempt to ask for help knowing it might have needed it? i applaud both ends for trying to help a worldwide community come together but i also am disappointed in both organizations for not being able to communicate. the public attacks should have been kept private until no further action could be done...if there were attempts then disregard my comment...ha! silly messengers...peace.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I read about this here the first time i read it. good job on that! but something is clearly wrong with the ifbma saying the bmef is untrustworthy and a post at the forum finally came out as said the ifbma was wrong to do it. in all fairness it should be posted here too because the first post about this, the letter from the ifbma says that we shouldnt trust the bmef all officially. but it is true right now that they did that with no evidence and havent given any since. the bmef is to be trusted and helped especially if this treatment is what they can expect from the ifbma and the post at the forum is right it was all rumors and gossip when they said the fund couldnt be trusted

it is important to th charity that people know that the ifbma had no credibility when it said that the fund cant be trusted. the last post in the forum from kawasaki is the best for getting that across and no one else wants to stand up