Tuesday, April 7, 2009

roll the dice...

everyday we gamble. not talking about our lives and things like that. instead, as dispatchers we gamble on telling messengers to clean up or hold off. sometimes it pays off and sometimes...well, the messenger is out of luck. it's been so slow that holding packages just isn't an option.

i can get a messenger to hold a loop package headed north but...what for? for more work? there isn't more work. not only that...i got a stand by list that just keeps getting longer and longer. i gotta set cats up with one at a time...sucks but i have to spread the love. ocassionally some of the crew gets a few extra just cause...well, cause they are at the right place at the right time. it's just a gamble...constantly.

lets say i got you holding an econ going west till something else pops up. we can go all day with you holding the package and nothing will pop up. then what? you're stuck traveling out west for your last drop at the end of the day...sucks, especially if you don't live in that direction. also, we run a risk of something happening to that package. the longer it's in your bag the bigger the risk of damage to the package or, even worse, you may lose it. i know, i know...i trust my messengers but sometimes the mind wanders.

lets say you do go and drop it...what if when you drop it i got a few coming out of where you're headed? it rolls both ways...i could get you to head out west to drop...hoping something will bring you back but that may not happen. it's so unpredictable and, at times, hurts to play this game. i might have told one cat to head out but the minute i do...five pop up right were he/she was and on the way to drop s/he's headed. i might have told the messenger to hold off but then five pop up where the drop s/he's holding is headed...wtf?!

it feels like you just can't win. this business is funny though. i feel like karma loves playing a huge role in this industry. one day you won't get any work. the next day you won't stop moving. it's a never ending gamble. your hand could be hot when you roll the dice and sometimes you just can't win. the good news is...we never stop gambling...sooner or later, as frustrating as it may be, we hit the jackpot...peace.

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