Wednesday, April 22, 2009


saw this over at cyclehawk...


Here are the track results:

Messenger Mens Results
1st- Evan (sf)
2nd- Derek (la)
3rd- Owen (la)

Messenger Womens Results
1st- Mimi (sf)

Non-eligible Mens Results
1st- Fergus (sf)
2nd- Tony Z (la)
3rd- Vincent (vegas)

Non-eligible Womens Results
1st- Sasha (swarm!)
2nd- Sarah (murder!)
3rd- Amanda (la)

heard about results from squid via the cyclecourier forum. btw...did you cats know that if you won the event once already you are allowed to compete but not as a messenger? you can't be a repeat winner to give others the opportunity to enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity...the worlds. if i play my cards right i can win this thing in about 20 or so years when all the fast cats have won it already...ha! looks like they had 25+ registered...nice!! hope chicago comes deep to this event. lets not forget...the cuttin'crew will be providing the cuttin'cruiser as well as a bunch of other cats car pooling...keep your ears to the ground for that noise. can't wait for june...peace.


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