Thursday, April 30, 2009


looks like things are coming together in boston...

We're still fighting for and expecting the event to be free for everyone, but if not, we'll update as soon as we know and allow a cheaper pre-event payment option.

don't be afraid to read the statement above again...FREE!! i can't speak for them so who knows if it's actually going to happen but bless their heart for giving it the ol'sassy try...ha! if you're planning on going i would register early and check back with them every now and then. they have a sh*t ton of events planned and they're already talking sh*t...

Main Race


Track Events

No brakes! Riders on track bikes compete to see who can stop the slowest, stand still the longest and go in the most circles, backwards.

Track King/Queen Omnium Competition

Arm Wrestling

Boston is home to the still current Cycle Messenger Arm Wrestling Champion (NYC05), come try and take him off his throne!


Who's got the moves? Prove it!


Boston's got some sharks, step up your hustle.


Game on at OMGPOP.COM in preperation, we'll be using their system to run our competition (Blockles, Items off).


Hot hands, throw them three dice!


Rock, paper, scissors for the purists.


all silliness aside...good job! looks like it's coming together and good looking out on trying to make the event free...good luck. the naccc-boston will be july 31st thru august 2nd. can't make it but im sure chicago will be represented...peace.

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