Wednesday, April 1, 2009

whats that falling from the sky?

this may be a bit morbid but it's getting a bit ridiculous. problems are problems but there has to be better ways to take care of yourself...i am referring to suicide. just this past month someone jumped off the marina towers and landed on a car. today...there was some lady that jumped from the lyric opera house...20 north wacker...

A woman reportedly jumped to her death Wednesday morning from a 40th-floor window at the Civic Opera House downtown.

i know, i know...why post about this on a bicycle messenger forum? well, one of these falling bodies gonna land on one of chicago's messengers? i could see you somewhat laughing at that but seriously...look out. you never know what may come down on you. when i was messengering i experienced two at the thompson center. it happened inside. the person jumped from the top floor all the way to the food court on the lower level...chicago heads will be able to visualize that bright idea. another time...some cat threw himself off the bridge on madison into the river or some sh*t. at least then no one could have been harmed. when the cat at thompson jumped i heard he was about 3 feet from hitting some little girl. do i end this post? i don't really know...umm, well...peace.

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kyle said...

WHOA off the TC balcony. epic fail. that is the LAST place i will take the final digger