Tuesday, April 28, 2009

who doesn't like grill'n?

looks like the ccu is putting together some good fun for chicago messengers. who doesn't enjoy free food and brew? im pretty sure i heard that they will be accommodating vegetarians as well. everyone should come out...even if you're not a messenger.

Don't hesitate to donate what you can. Even if you can't you should come by and enjoy some bbq with good friends/people.

i believe the food and beverages provided by the ccu is free to messengers but im more than positive that the grill will be shared by any and all who wish to come out and have a good time. see you cats there...peace.


Patrick Ss. said...

Hopefully bike couriers can unionize under a banner that doesn't carry the isolation of the IWW or some other leftist pipedream.

j.dot said...

no comment...peace.