Friday, April 3, 2009

my mama always said...

yesterday wasn't that bad of a day...seems like work is holding steady for us. we're still not busy but at least we're somewhat steady. steady is good.

yesterday we received a phone call from one of our clients requesting a specific messenger to make the delivery. it isn't rare but it isn't common either, if that makes sense. sometimes we're able to accommodate and sometimes we just can't do it. who knows where a messenger will be...he/she may or may not be able to fit the order on their routes and whatnot. anyway, we informed the customer that said messenger...6706...would not check in to work till about 1030 or 1100...she pushed back the ready time. holy moly...this lady is hungry for 6706.

0-6 checks in from up north and i try to get him car runs to bring him in. we informed the lady that it would be a while and she pushed back the ready time yet she just get dumped? is it cause summer time is coming and it's time to play again? is 6706 really that cute? wait...did i just say that?

6706...hey, goodmorning. checking in. have a special request for you. got a young lady waiting for you to make the delivery. in fact...she's pushed back the time so that it would be possible for you to grab it.

6706...haha! well, i guess i'll start making my way in.

...i had the man a bit busy to grab the order right away but sooner or later i got him over there. i didn't bring it up till it was time for him to say goodbye..., was it you the lady wanted to see?

6706...yup. in fact, there were four ladies there waiting. they asked me if i had a lady and when i said yes, they said that if that doesn't work out to just come back. that isn't the funny part...the funny part was when i dropped off the package. the man on the other end asked if my name was phil...when i said yes he said..."im supposed to give this to you". it was the ladies number...ha!

...f*ck!! sometimes i wish i was still out there...ha! my wife isn't gonna like that statement. anyway...if one of you cats want to know a bit more about 0-6 don't forget to read the latest interview. maybe i should call 0-6's lady and tell her to keep him on a tight leash?

oh the title of this post mama always said, "you gotta keep several candles lit in case the one you're with blows out"...peace.

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