Monday, April 13, 2009

messenger town...

what started out as a flickr group has now developed into a blog...messenger town...

Working as a cycle courier, or 'messenger' for any length of time gives one a heightened sense of the environment - of the city. This group exists for working couriers to display how they see their city, their working environment. It's not about bikes, it's not about messengers - it's about where we work. Hopefully it will attract contributions from across the world, giving us all a chance to see the great cities as no-one else sees them.

i gotta admit. many of the pics aren't great but many are. not only that...i/we get to see the working environments of couriers all over the world. even though i live in chicago i can't wait to see some chicago pics go up. i would love for us to share our city through the eyes of our couriers with other cats from around the globe. very cool project...good job to all involved on getting this together.

can i add pics from the perspective of a dispatcher? boring would that be?

thats how boring...peace.

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