Wednesday, April 1, 2009


the results are in...head over to youngblood for a full list...

We had 98 registrants. Thank you to everyone who came out and participated. Thank you to all of the volunteers who battled the cold winds at their checkpoints for 3 hours+. Thanks to Nicole LaBrie who handled a HUGE chunk of the organization and layout of the race. Thanks to all of our sponsors: Milwaukee Bicycle Co., Ben's Cycle, Twin Six, Heroine Salon, Three Floyds Brewing, Pabst, Comet Cafe, Hi Hat Garage, Breakaway Bicycle Courier, Bell Sports, SWRVE Apparel, COG Magazine, All City, Sanchez Workshop, Shag Bag, Knog, Panaracer, Stone Creek Coffee, Chris Zito, and One on One Bikes.

1. Kevin Sparrow - 1st overall
2. Steve Bilek - 2nd male
3. Blew Leader - 1st messenger male
4. Katy Steudel - 1st female
5. Cale Wenthur - 3rd male
6. Ryan S.
7. Eric O'Ghallager
8. Jim Huber
9. Armahn
10. Pink Leader
11. Mike McGerry
12. Jake V.Z.
13. Ben Fietz - first male out of town - CHI
14. Violet Leader
15. Brian
16. Antonio Wlth
17. Anthony Mingome
18. Lefty
20. Christina 2nd place female

pic by jen price...ben chewing on saltines at a check point...

...look at that...chicago representing strong with 1st place out of town. as some of you know ben has graciously provided us with an interview...he was also one of the cats i've had the pleasure of dispatching and riding next to. i have a feeling it was me that provided the training for this moment...ha! looks like alot of fun was had...bum'd i missed it. eh...maybe next year? check out the pics here...peace.

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