Thursday, April 9, 2009


i try not to get too personal at times with this blog. i try to keep it about the crew and their experiences...well, at least their experiences with me. anyway, the weather is starting to get warmer and i can't help but begin to reminisce of back in the day. i get the urge to jump on my bike and ride all day...well, at least stand-by for 86% of the day...ha!

where is all this going? i have no idea...i randomly get moments in life popping back into my head. i get images of super dave riding around like a maniac on his yeti in full gear...chest, shin, knee, gloves, full facial helmet...holy sh*t! i know he must have gotten a bit too hot at times. i remember picking up pizza to help gina replenish the truck. watching joey love skitch from one street into another. bumping into t-bone and asking him where he was headed...if we were headed in the same direction then we called out a finish line...i won the last race so i think im up on that competition...ha! listening to rene on the radio hooking me up with the best sets a messenger could ask for. coming out of a building only to see that my bike was gone...freaking out...then realizing that hector has moved my bike and can't stop laughing at me almost crying. watching james implement his yoga skills while trackstanding...try not to imagine that one...ha! heading to cal's for some nice refreshments after a long day of work with good friends. fridays after work blazzing up ashland with chris and the mole-man to another bar for more drinks. the greatest weaving in and out of traffic ever seen with jeremy, david, and aaron...that sh*t was bananas. i could go on and on...

when i first started we had a bada*s crew...

mike g.(40)

thats an all star line-up if i've ever seen one. we had some fast cats on the squad. i used to roll to base and ask rene why he was dispatching. i still remember telling him..."i'll never do that"...ha! boy was i he's back out and im inside. i wonder if it'll reverse again?

while all this was going on...we were getting paid. not much but it was enough to keep me waking up and doing it again. well, maybe it wasn't the money keeping me around but the people i met and continued to meet. thats what makes this job so great...although it's a high turnover brings in some of the best characters i've had the pleasure of knowing. even now...i may not be out there but when i wake up i feel good going to work. you never know what other stories will randomly pop in your head...peace.

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