Friday, April 17, 2009


im pretty sure i've mentioned something like this before. after a while...all these posts start sounding the same to me. if it's repetitive well...thats your fault for actually reading my blog...ha!

we had 6664 pick up at 200 east randolph going to 101 east erie or something. not a big deal...both those address are not that far apart. sure it's seperated by the annoying michigan avenue traffic but it's not a huge deal. he gets to the pick up and the box that the client stated was bikeable...was not. too big and too heavy. we call the customer up and let them know that the box will need a car.

customer...i've sent out many boxes like this. i've also seen many bikers with boxes on their handlebars. it's bikeable. paraphrasing a bit here but i hope you get where im going with it. sure, every once in a while i get cats to haul some heavy loads but it doesn't mean that they shouldn't get paid for it. she was under the impression that if a biker took it then a bike rate should be applied...see, thats not how it works. a biker is taking it because...they want to show off? they want a story to tell? want to see how much they're capable off? they probably, and this is the most important, just want to get paid. they are putting in more effort...risking a bit get paid just a few dollars difference.

riding with over 15, 20, 40, 60 pounds is not that easy and as fun as it may sound. riding with a box on the handlebars is not safe. next thing you know cats with cargo bikes doing wagon or van loads will only get paid a single bike rate...thats just ridiculous. it wasn't a big deal...things got handled and everyone got paid accordingly. if you see messengers with it really bikeable? when you're struggling to make loot - it is but they still have to get paid...peace.

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amen to this